Nutrisystem Food – Pizza


A pizza for people trying to lose weight and live healthy? No way! Don’t get me wrong, I love pizza. Besides the amazing taste, it floods my mind with lots of great memories. But now that I have to watch what I eat to keep my weight healthy, this culinary delight was more or less a no-go zone for me; until I learned about Nutrisystem and its healthy weight loss diet.

I was skeptical of the pizza Nutrisystem was offering its customers. Would it meet my taste expectations regarding this dish? But I have to say, I was more than thrilled of the healthy reunion I had with one of my favorite foods, all thanks to Nutrisystem’s Thick Crust Pizza. And going by the many positive reviews about this food on the company’s site, I can honestly say I am not alone in thinking this.

This high protein meal will only contribute 240 calories to your daily requirements. And with just 6 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein, the health benefits of this pizza stretch far beyond the low amount of calories. Although by all appearances, this pizza does not seem to hold anything back ingredient-wise, it is actually very healthy.

And you will have room to add your own toppings as well, just make sure they are healthy as well. You can throw in a few veggies, some mushrooms and any other healthy toppings you fancy. Oh, this juicy delight will still be suitable for you even if you are a vegetarian.

The pizza is made using enriched wheat flour, nonfat milk, tomatoes, cheese, and other healthy ingredients. That also means if you have lactose tolerance issues, this might not be the food for you. But if you are also battling diabetes in addition to unhealthy weight, then you are good to go.

I won’t go as far as saying that it will dethrone your favorite regular pizza on your list of favorite foods, but the taste is beyond passable for a pizza that is meant to help you maintain your healthy diet. Fortunately, with the option to add your own toppings, you can make eating this pizza an experience you can genuinely look forward to every once in a while.


When you receive this meal, you should place the crust on a plate, spread the sauce on it and top it off with shredded cheese. Once in the microwave, you should heat it on high for about a minute.

You can also use an oven. After preheating your oven to about 450 degrees F, you can place the crust with the sauce and shredded cheese spread on it in the oven and bake it for 5 minutes. When ready, the crust should turn brown, and the cheese should have melted. Save on your diet food with this Nutrisystem coupon code.