Nutrisystem Food – Hamburger


Hamburger is a crowd-pleaser. But in the fitness industry, it is considered a vicious health-wrecker and diet killer for its high calorie and fat content. That got me curious about the healthy hamburger Nutrisystem was offering. In particular, I wanted to know whether it could fairly match the delight of chewing on the real thing. And I have to say, these guys have truly found a healthy way to repackage this popular American delicacy. I ordered it with a Nutrisystem coupon so I got a discount.

I loved the taste; it tastes like a real hamburger. I personally believe that is the major reason behind the effort to make a healthy alternative to an otherwise unhealthy dish. People who cannot afford to eat a regular hamburger because of their weight loss priorities should still quench their desire for such foods through these healthy alternatives.

Nutrisystem’s hamburger is billed as a high protein and high fiber food. In total, it should give you just 240 calories, and 8 grams of fat. This being a beef-patty, it has 14 grams of protein. The burger also comes with 5 grams of fiber, which means those hunger pangs will take their sweet time coming to haunt you again once you have eaten this burger.

In total, this hamburger will cater for about 12% of your calorie needs assuming a 2,000 calorie diet. With a little salad, you can comfortably enjoy this delight and feel full without blowing past your calorie limits.

This hamburger will even work out fine for you if you have diabetes, which is quite thoughtful on Nutrisystem’s part. A fair number of “healthy” foods often turn out to be quite unhealthy for overweight people dealing with this condition. Unfortunately, if you have an allergy issues relating to soy or gluten, you might wanna pass up on the chance to fill up on this rare treat.

But if you can afford to fit this hamburger into your diet plan, I suggest you give it a try. In my experience, having “normal” foods in your diet even as you try to shed those pounds can do wonders to your motivation to keep going. The last thing you want is to deprive yourself of your favorite food and when you can’t take it anymore, splurge on it and feel guilty, and then lose the morale to stick to a healthy weight loss diet altogether.

How to Make it

When they send this burger over, it will be frozen. That means you will have to heat it up for a minute or so before you can enjoy it. A temperature of 140 degrees F should do. Like the Nutrisystem pizza, you can use the oven to heat it.

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